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There is a real abundance of things to do around us, but if you want to just relax then it's ideal for that too.
The views over the fields are stunning, really stunning and every evening the sun casts its final rays upon the town of Mortain, which you can see as you look to the right from the decked terasse.

Mortain was the start of the counter attack, operation Luttich, in WW2. The Germans and the Allies fought each other with over 6 divisions of tanks and 7 divisions of infantry. If WW2 is your interest we are surrounded by it.
Today Mortain is rebuilt and very little reminders of the battle remain, but in the town there are 2 beautiful waterfalls called The Petite Cascade and The Grande Cascade. A wonderful walk into serenity and nature at it's wildest. Trout fishing nearby and a must for photographer's and walkers alike.

The D Day beaches are just over an hour and a half away and there are museums and cemeteries for the US, British & Canadian Troops at all of them.  There is a lot of easily found tourist information on these sites. Several books are on our bookshelves for you to help plan a day, please leave them behind for the next guests.
You could easily spend 2-3 days doing the beaches alone.

Bayeux is just under an hour and half away, here you will find the amazing tapestry of the battle of 1066 when William the Conqueror defeated Harold of England. Also there is a museum of The Battle of Normandy and Museum of Fine Arts. You can buy combination tickets for them at each venue saving you a lot of money. The town is wonderful and where De Gaulle first came back from exile to declare France free again. The cathedral is vast and central to the town.  Parking is Pay and display in the town centre but free at the Battle of Normandy museum. You could easily spend a whole day here.

Mont St Michel is a must and only 35 minutesaway, again there is a huge amount of tourist information on this. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I would advise you get there as early as you can in the morning and check opening times as they change during the year, the queues can be enormous in the high season. Use the car park with Park and Ride, the car park is around 11 Euros and the Ride is free and goes all day long as needed. There are fantastic restaurants and bars in it and all around it, but you can take a packed lunch and enjoy it in one of the many gardens. There are some great souvenir shops in here also, but expect to pay top dollar! This is a whole day out! 

Avranches is 30 minutes away, and here you can be in the USA! It was liberated by General Patton himself and the eponymous square is classified as American now. Fantastic shops here, and an old castle. You could combine this with Granville or Jullouville as a day out.

Fougeres is 25 minutes away and a great day out for architecture and gardens. Henry II took the fortress here and razed it to the ground and the new stunning fortress was built buy Raoul II. It remains a perfectly preserved walled monument today and well worth the visit, the old town has a guided walk around it taking you through some of its gardens and architecture. Fougeres means "fern" and you will see many planted varieties. Fantastic restaurants are here and you will feel like you have been taken back in time to when it was all so much easier. A whole day out.

Domfront & Bagnoles de L'Orne. 35 & 50 Minutes away.These are old medieval towns in the Normandy national park, Bagnoles is a large spa town with lakes, popular with French tourists and there is a large casino here too. Great value tourist shopping and restaurants.

Caen is little over an hour away and where William the Conqueror is buried in the Abbaye Des Hommes. Much of the city was flattened in the war and it has been rebuilt. Lots of fantastic restaurants, great shops, harbour. William's castle is a very impressive, and built at a time when England were still making wooden ones!

Granville is about an hour away and a wonderful seaside resort with sandy beaches and associated shops. There is so much more also, the concrete walls and pill boxes remain as an exhibition of the German Atlantic Wall from WW2, which surrounds the old part of the town. The views from the cliff tops are simply amazing and there is a large aquarium and museums. In the port there are some fantastic restaurants serving all kinds of dishes, but the oysters here are a delicacy that must be enjoyed.

Jollouville is under an hour away just below Granville, and has a wonderful sandy beach and ice cream parlours, restaurants.

On our doorstep is the lovely town of Saint Hilaire Du Harcouet. At the main crossroads you will find all the usual shops, pharmacist, bars etc. Most bars have free WiFi, pronounced weefee when you ask the for the password. Remember that these shops shut at 12.15 and don't re-open until 2pm, so plan your day. Nothing will be open on Sunday and some stay shut on Mondays. E Leclerc down the Rue De Paris is a massive supermarket open 9-19.30 without closing at lunchtime has just about everything you could want. there are 3 other major supermarkets also.
Wednesday is market day 9-14.00 and a must, everything from shellfish to shell suits! Free parking is by the church but get there early if you want to park on Wednesdays.
The swimming pool has a sauna and solarium, waterslide and Olympic pool. Fishing nearby. On your way into town on the left as you go from the gite is the Emergency hospital (please note all that have kids!).
All kinds of restaurants are available, a la carte dining at Le Cygne or L'Ardoise, mid price eateries all round, good pizza place in the market square, even a kebab shop!
Even more on our doorstep is the countryside. Walk away from the gite and turn right down the bridleway, which goes through our neighbour's yard and you are into the forest, several different path options available, you can go in a big or little circle or follow it into St Hilaire for an extended walk. A book is available in the gite for you to note all different wildlife you see during your stay.

If you haven't been to our gite yet, then you are in for a treat. If you have, we know you'll be back again soon.
Enjoy everything there is to offer and relax.

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