The Cookschool


Having a cooking experience day (or 2) whilst on holiday is very popular all over the world. It's fun and educational at the same time and you can go home with the knowledge and skills to make authentic Normandy and classic French recipes for your family and friends.

There is a wide range to choose from on the menu but if you want to make something specific or see some ingredients, such as a lobster or crab at the shops or market then we can do that instead, it's your day!

Wednesday is Market Day at St Hilaire Du Harcouet and a wonderful experience, an abundance of seafood, meat & cheese and much more. On Market Day you can select whatever you want to cook and we'll create the recipe or stick with the menu. "Comme vous voulez"

Choose what you would like to cook from the menu and our head chef Spencer will give you a shopping list to buy all the right ingredients at the fantastic artisanal shops. Spencer speaks fluent English & French and is always with you if you get stuck.

Back to the cookschool after a coffee in a local café, you'll learn to cook a fantastic meal whilst overlooking the incredible countryside of Manche, Normandy.

Moules Marineres
Boeuf Bourguignon
Chicken Normandy
Fish Stew (Cotriade)
Normandy Pork Chops
Coq Au Vin
Coquille St Jacques

Normandy Apple Tart
Crepes with Calvados Sauce or Suzette
Normandy Baked Apples
Crème Brulee
Each participant will have their own cooking station and prep area and with a training and cooking background, Spencer will show you lots of French cooking techniques to complete your meal. You will do all the preparation and cooking and learn lots of new skills whilst having a day of fun and enjoying yourself whilst bringing together some great food with great people.

Your meal will be ready at around 6pm and if you have made dinner for the family, they can meet you at the cookschool and you can all sit in the grounds and enjoy your food or take it away to eat later.

If you are someone who loves food and enjoy a great day with like minded people then this is the day for you

Prices are £90 per person (you will also need to add your shopping money on top of this) simply go to the booking form to arrange a date.

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